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About the Artist

I was born sometime between 1910-1947 in St. Louis, Missouri.  I grew up White Plains, New York and studied art at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana.  I have also lived in Illinois, Connecticut and England.  And now on the southeast coast of North Carolina. 

Of places I’d like to be and all the stuff I love: old gingerbread victorian houses and suffragettes, parades of uncle Sams, cats, geraniums, seagulls, the beach, riverboats, bagpipes, birdhouses, flea markets, witches, mermaids, and anything RED!   

I have been drawing people for as long as I can remember, and have been charmed by 'carpenter gothic' Queen Anne victorian houses with visions of the sea nearby, for almost as long. 

Since moving to North Carolina, I've added flocks and pelicans, sea gulls and whimsical spotted striped fish... plus mermaids, fisherwomen and black suited swimmers. 

I am having fun!