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Please stop by and say hello!



Laurent Torno III Friday December 15, 2017
Hello, Love your work! Found a painting (I think) by you at a local thrift store. What is your preferred medium? Acrylic? Tempera? I'm clueless. How do you print your prints? Thank You! ---LT3 PS Holy Cow, crazy difficult code thingy
From: Brentwood MO
Lucy Smith Friday December 15, 2017
I would recognize that wonderful whimsy anywhere. I'd like one of each, please! Hugs to Ron
From: Delray Beach, FL
Linda Nissen Saturday January 23, 2016
Hello, Ann, from a former neighbor in Kirkwood. I was looking through some art websites, and thought of you, and was pleased to see your site. Didn't know you had moved. Hope you and Ron are well, and happy to see you're still painting. Your work is still beautiful, as always. We still have the family portrait you did for us over 30 years ago. Say hello to Ron for us.
From: Eureka, MO
Cecelia Horn Saturday January 23, 2016
I love your art. I have since I first saw it in a craft shop in Webster Groves called The Ark. I purchased one for 35 dollars. Little girls in the attic playing dress up. And to this very day I still am sick at heart I did not purchase the 2others that were showboats on the river front. I to volunteered and showed my pieces. I just knew you would become famous. I treasure the one piece of art I have of yours. I have 3 daughters who each want it. So if I had only purchased the 2 others I would be set. I can still see them in my mind lol. I would send you a pic of the one I have if it were possible. Thank you for the pleasure your amazing picture has brought my family thru the years.
From: Carolina Shores, NC
Shirley Hodshire Saturday January 23, 2016
My son brought home a framed print and on the back was your name and print number 57/300, Party, Party. Wonderful! 1985. Thank you for your art. I just make birdhouses. Bless you.
From: K.C. Mo.
Mary Norris Saturday January 23, 2016
Just bought a "Suffargettes" print at a trade fair. The print was 44/950 and have not seen this particular one on your web site. What is your medium and is this one still in print?
From: Mansfield, Texas
Joseph Bardani Saturday January 23, 2016
I've always loved the whimsical style and you paint it wonderfully.
From: Oak Island
Elaine Grippi Monday September 24, 2012
Just a note to say hi and congratulations on beautiful display of your work. We moved into a Tudor style home (1930,s) slowly restoring it. Hope to see you someday. Hi to Ron.
From: Savannah,Ga
Betsy Thompson Sunday August 5, 2012
Hi Ann - Just stumbled on your web site! So happy to see you are still painting such wonderful work! Think about you guys!
From: Jacksonville Beach, Fl
Dare London Monday February 13, 2012
Today is my birthday and I got one of your prints for my birthday! I just love it. The print was the one with the three witches and the halloween tree. I cant wait to frame and hang on my wall. I will definitely order some more. Have you thought about doing one with snowmen? The 4th of July ones make me think of Southport. Have a great day and keep painting!
From: Greensboro, NC
Peter Hall Thursday March 31, 2011
Ann: Glad to see the fabuous art is still flowing. Unfortunately, I just sold my house in Florida, and have now had to take down some of your art. Your art still evokes the same smiles. We need to get together.
From: St. Louis Missouri
Anne Thompson Thursday March 10, 2011
Ann & Ron -- FABULOUS web site. Thank you sooo for sending me the post card about it. LOVE your stuff. Looking forward to seeing you both in May when the Georgia drops anchor in S'port. Hugs to you both -- from A.T. Raleigh.
From: Raleigh, NC
Albert Northrop Thursday March 10, 2011
Got the card. It will be framed and hung on the wall with everything else I have of yours! I'm sure Karen and I will be putting in an order soon. We're into golf now so I'm sure those prints will be on the list. We'll make it down there again one of those days. Stop by if you're heading to New Hampshire! Love the stuff!
From: Upper Marlboro, Maryland
Bill and Sue Benedict Thursday March 10, 2011
Ann - Just got your post card and love your site - have always loved your work (we have 6 originals!) - do you have any originals for sale? (The site just notes "coming soon"...) Best wishes...Bill
From: St Louis (Creve Coeur), MO
gaye Thursday March 10, 2011
Hey ho! and Whoo hoo! the site is as fabulous as your art. Good photo of the artist. Sorry I am late in getting to your webplace (thanks for the postcard)--I've been busy playing with dolphins in the Keys, and doing serious research on margaritas and Key Lime Pie. I need to update my site: because 2011 has begun well. Ta Ta.
From: st. louis MO
Julie Thompson Zettle Thursday March 10, 2011
Love the web site..Now everyone can enjoy your art work..We love you Aunt Ann!!
From: Tallahassee,Florida
Ruth and Jim McElwain Thursday February 10, 2011
A wonderful collection, Will spread the word. Our love to you and Ron.
From: Jacksonville
Dick Helm Wednesday December 29, 2010
.... I was Very pleased to find your site easily (searched on your mother's name, I believe) and it was exactly what I needed. I was able to look at all the sea-side prints and make my selection. The viewing of prints was very easy and the purchase process was quick and professional. I hope you get lots of "hits" and purchases through your site. Dick Helm
From: Richmond, VA
Melissa Forck Friday November 5, 2010
So awesome!!! Love everything about it! Amazing artist...amazing daughter!
From: O'Fallon, Mo.
Cindy Thompson Thursday November 4, 2010
Jill has brought you to a new level with such a great website! Your art is so great and now everyone has the opportunity to see your talent. Good Job Ladies!!!!
From: Jacksonville, Florida
J.Danforth Thompson Thursday November 4, 2010
Your work is worthy of the cover of the Saturday Evening Post. I've heard that your husband can draw also. Is that true. He couldn't when he was young.
From: Jacksonville, Florida
kaki Buchanan Monday November 1, 2010
I'll take 1 of each! Love Ann's work! The site looks great! Proud of you Jill!
From: O'fallon Mo
Myla Tosatto Monday November 1, 2010
Site looks awesome! Your art is beautiful!
From: Kansas City, MO
Jennifer Kahney Thompson Monday November 1, 2010
I love your prints!
From: Carmel, Indiana
Lois Milford Friday October 29, 2010
It's just beautiful! And you two look pretty darn good also. Jill is clever. Did you see Mimi's? Thanks and Happy Halloween! Lois
From: St. Louis, missouri
Beth Thompson Friday October 29, 2010
This looks great!!!I haven't even seen 90percent of these pictures . They are sooo cute
From: Manchester, Mo.
Mary Jo Davis Friday October 29, 2010
Ann and Jill, Beautiful talent!
From: Duxbury,MA
Paige Schulze Thursday October 28, 2010
Love the web site!!
From: St. Louis, Mo
Dan Thompson Thursday October 28, 2010
Looks great, good job Ann and Jill,
From: Kirkwood, Mo.
Mary Thompson Thursday October 28, 2010
What lovely and whimsical scenes Ann has been able to create. How very cheerful, they brighten my day!
From: ST. Louis, MO